About The Tuckaway

History & Philosophy

The Butchery opened March 15th, 2012 as a meat market specialty shop highlighting top-quality beef and home-made marinates, but quickly expanded to much more. Today the Butchery features a wide variety of in-house crafted specialty foods, a vast array of locally crafted beers, plenty of wine, and a complete organic section featuring nuts, granola, fruit bars, chips desserts and more.

The Tavern opened a few months after the Butchery on June 21st, 2012 focusing on high quality and great customer service. With Chef Bobby Marcotte at the helm, the Tavern is the ideal stage to showcase the Butchery products. Featuring top-quality, fresh ingredients, Chef Marcotte has designed a menu that takes a creative spin on the foods you know while transporting them to the next level. Combining playful names and the best ingredients, the food at the Tavern will make your dining experience a memorable one, and one you will likely want to experience again.

The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery is the only establishment in New England that publicly displays their entire menu of fresh ingredients for everyone to see. Once you have a look at our amazing products in the Butchery, you’ll crave to have these dishes prepared for you next door in the Tavern.


Our Executive Chef


Bobby “the Butcher” Marcotte, now TWO TIME Guy’s Grocery Games CHAMPION, got his start in the restaurant business at age 13 in the dish pit and quickly worked his way up in the NH food scene. By age 17 he became sous in a local restaurant, and at age 21, a Head Chef. Chef Marcotte’s philosophy is straight forward: utilize fresh ingredients and put a creative spin on them. Now, with an award-winning full scale butcher shop at his fingertips¬† the Tuckaway is an ideal environment for him to explore all types of food without bounds. He is always looking for ways to separate and distinguish his food, and the customers at the Tavern are the beneficiaries of his vision. .


We are proud to be a part of the Raymond, NH Community and look forward to contributing to their needs and catering to their desires