Getting Better With Age


Tuckaway Dry Age Case

We’ve all heard the cliche “Getting Better With Age”. But does it really get better? When I say age, you may think of your aunt knitting hats that no one wears. Or grandpa’s teeth left on the bathroom sink. I can assure you that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about dry-aged meats. Almost all meats are aged for at least a few days before they hit the grocery store. This allows the natural enzymes found in the meat to help break down the tissue. It helps with tenderness and flavor.  But those few days don’t go far enough.  That’s more like aging up to ‘cranky pre-teen’ level. True dry-aging is more like ‘The Most Interesting Man Alive sipping a craft beer’ level. The further you take it the better it is. You are literally breaking down the collagen in the meat that makes it tough. Once that’s gone, all you have left is the protein which is so so tender. This process also has the effect of enhancing the flavor. Day 30 of the dry aging process is when the flavor starts to change. And yes I’ll say it, it get’s better with age.


Dry Age Smoked Bacon


If you take a walk through our butcher shop you’ll most certainly notice our brand new Dry-age case. You name it, we’re aging it … Bone-in Filets,  Rib-eyes, Bacon, and even Chuck Roll for an exclusive menu item for Hop+Grind opening up in Durham NH. I can’t even begin to explain how bacon melts in your mouth after being aged for 15 days, and smoked for 8 hours. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Like you, I can’t wait until it’s done. So keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the release date! It will only get better with age, and much like ourselves when we reach our prime years, it wont last long!



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