Lets Make It Something Special



Restaurants run special dishes all the time. While most restaurants run them to get rid of aging food, here at the Tuckaway, these dishes are not taken lightly. It’s meant to challenge to the chef’s ability to come up with something new that’s not found on the menu or anywhere else. Their entire existence is to satisfy cravings of slow roasted, vibrant, fork tender, juicy, spicy, hand crafted food that you would give up your first born to eat. If that last sentence didn’t leave you salivating at the mouth or questioning your morals as a parent, I have some pictures below for you.


The flip side to running Specials is the bragging rights they provide to the chefs. We embrace competition and creativity here. And we definitely don’t hold punches when things don’t work out. Diving into the unknown, and working the creative side of the brain keeps our cooks on their toes. That’s exactly why we don’t run specials on a regularly timed basis. They come to fruition when inspiration is abound and plentiful.


Next time you are at the Tuckaway, don’t hesitate to ask your server about any current specials. We don’t run them every day. But when we do you better believe it’s something special! 


Drink well, eat better,

Tuckaway Tavern



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3 responses to “Lets Make It Something Special”

  1. Sandy says:

    Can you please tell me what days you have the lobster rolls, 2 for 1 special? Have not been there yet, but have heard they are great, coming from Wakefield, NH.

  2. Jay McCarthy says:

    do you serve grass feed beef, and organic vegetables

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