The Year Of The Rooster… Balls




You may have missed the memo, but January 28th was the official start of the Chinese Year of The Rooster. Chinese Astrology is absolutely out of my wheel house, but I’m going to attempt to draw some similarities and conclusions that don’t really make sense anyways.

Rooster Balls are our biggest selling appetizer. This will be the first unrelated similarity  with The Year Of The Rooster…Balls. And it has been an amazing year for us so far. Our customers helped us win 12 AWARDS for 2017! That’s right, from Best Chef to Best Family Restaurant, to being featured on NH Chronicle. We could not have done it without you! Hippo and NH Magazine do an amazing job keeping NH’s food scene on the map. All those votes cast helped us beat out the competition like Buddy in Air Bud. Plucking out the eyes of our competition.. get it, like a rooster. Speaking of the competition, I’d like to give a big shout out. There were some great restaurants on that came in behind us. NH has always been a destination spot for vacationers of all types, and we want to make sure food is on that top of that list.

Looking back 5 years ago no one would have guessed we’d be where we’re right now. Don’t get me wrong, it IS and always WAS the goal. But making it a reality it what drives us every day. So thank you to all of our customers, cooks, wait staff, butchers, bartenders, hostesses, cashiers, market staff, and everyone else I forgot to mention. All of you have helped make this The Year Of The Rooster Balls. Now check out the food porn below…




Drink well, eat better

Tuckaway Tavern



2 responses to “The Year Of The Rooster… Balls”

  1. Bonnie Adam says:

    Great food, friendly staff, fun atmosphere. can’t wait to visit again

  2. Drew says:

    Had some Rooster Balls today! Was crying/sweating from my eyebrows!

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