5 Tips To Survive Christmas This Year




With Thanksgiving past us, and Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure the anxiety is starting to kick in.  It’s always the same time, same place, nothing new. But somehow there’s always the last minute heart pounding changes: menu items, beer/wine selection,  what time to leave, will the kids be ready in time, will little Johnny point out how Santa has the same wrapping paper he found in the basement over the summer. We’ve all been there!

I’m writing to tell you it doesn’t need to be this way. Follow our tips below and you’ll get through the holidays so calmly it may Tuckin’ annoy everyone around you.


  • 1. Make a backup plan for your “failed meal meal preparation”. Whether  you can’t cook, don’t like cooking or you’re just not excited about cooking for extended family, we have a much better Tuckin’ outlet for you. The Tuckaway     Butchery has sooo many options for sides, main dishes, and desserts that you can take full credit for. You can swing through to check out the selection, or better yet, order online and have it ready with our Curbside Pickup Here. Or if   you’re just so anxious with all the crazy shoppers and you just don’t want to leave the house then we can ship it right to where you eat here. We even have fully prepared Christmas dinners for you with all the fixin’s to match!  Whether it be a steak or a cake all you have to do to steal the credit is pull it out of our box and throw it on your  favorite platter! No guarantees you don’t make the naughty list for dishonesty tho!

  • 2. Plan a budget for Christmas. Then burn every bank statement you get until March.  It’s better to think of a Christmas budget as an unattainable goal. You get as close as you possibly can, but never quite reach it. It’s a game you never win.

  • 3. Don’t “wine” about it, beer about it. I know, I know it sounds corny. Wine is great don’t get us wrong. And we do have a great selection from as far as Italy to as close as Zorvino Vineyards, but we at the Tuckaway are always striving to not only support our local economy but also our local Brewers. We have a HUGE selection of locally crafted beers in our store. For every type of wine you like I guarantee we have a beer to fit your taste buds as well. You like sweet red wines? We have a sweet beer with light body. Dry white wines?  We have light, crisp, dry hopped beers to tickle your throat. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfortable box or you might miss something you’ll truly love. Oh, and for God’s  sake, don’t serve grandma Makers Mark and Eggnog before dinner because she won’t make it! Leave that to our bartenders! 😉

  • 4. Alcohol + Scissors + Wrapping Paper = Dangerously Good Time ?

  • 5. Buy, don’t bake. Yes, back to failed meal attempts.  Listen, baking isn’t easy. That’s why we have college’s dedicated to teaching students how to produce the most high quality desserts your mouth has ever tasted. There’s nothing wrong with leaving it to the experts. I’m not telling you not to make the lemon squares that have been passed down  five generations but just don’t be afraid to supplement a little to make your life easier either.  Check out these amazing desserts available on curbside pick up here. You don’t even have to get out of the car!

Lastly, Happy Holidays from us at the Tuckaway and Merry Christmas to all who don’t mind hearing it! 😉


Drink well, eat better

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