(VIDEO) How #TuckinGood T-Shirts Are Made!


We Can’t Tell You How Many Times We Are Complimented on Our Shirts or Asked “How Do You Come Up With Those?” or “Who Comes Up With All the Ideas For Your Shirts?” Well, we are finally ready to reveal the REAL #recipe behind our t-shirts and how exactly we make them. It’s not easy and we definitely recommend NOT trying this at home without a Tuckaway professional helping… Enjoy!


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3 responses to “(VIDEO) How #TuckinGood T-Shirts Are Made!”

  1. Sandra Goodwin says:

    Coming to see you Guy’s on Sunday 8-6-17 Can’t wait. Friends are bragging how great your place is.
    Looking forward to our visit with you-all.

  2. Renee' Richardson says:

    I have heard so much about this restaurant and how amazing it is!! I love the creativity of the place, I did try the prime rib it’s so yummy and now need to buy a huge meat package?

  3. cj Barney says:

    Hi we went for the 1st time & ordered the h u g e lobster roll – 1 warm butter & 1 with mayo, with sides.They were d e l I c I o u s. We both ate the large butter roll & took the 2nd home. It was beyond our expectations…….my only issue was the ran out of carona!!!!! How does that happen for dinner? That is the ONLY bear I drink & only with seafood. That was my only disappointment!!!!! I hope we can return, but will call regarding the beer! Thank u tuckawsy for the experience, cj

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