What Do Monks And The Tuckaway Have In Common?




Tuckaway Tavern and the first Trappist Brewery in the United States have teamed up to continue our “Mission Barrel Royal” offering our customers beers you can’t find anywhere else.  Chef Bobby Marcotte spent the day with Father Isaac Keeley touring, brewing and barreling beer in their state of the art facility in Spencer, MA. Obtaining the Trappist certification is no easy feat. The standards are second to none and  that’s why we’re so excited to offer such a quality product to our customers.  The good Monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Massachusetts opened Spencer Brewery to offer the first Trappist certified beer in the United States to help produce revenue to create a place for their elderly Monks to continue living in the Monastery.  Great beer, for a great cause. Beer enthusiasts have good reason to be excited as this has traditionally only been offered in Europe until now.



Their beer, our barrels!IMG_20160715_104346_01

Once complete, we’ll have a limited selection of bourbon and tequila  barrel aged Stouts and Ales.  This collaboration is one of a kind and  will only be found at the Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond NH. We’ll keep  you posted once it’s in house!


Eat well, drink better!

Tuckaway Tavern


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