Diary of a Tuckaway Server. “How could you do this to me”




The restaurant was not silent that night, the air thick with laughter and voices.  I walked fast around the corner. Finally, you heard the foot-steps as the door swung open. You looked at me in my eyes, and I looked at you. Your husband looked up in disarray. The child stood there with a stare of confusion too young to understand the situation at hand.

It was only an hour ago when you smiled at me as you said it was your first time. I was thorough, and took my time to make sure you were comfortable. With each stride taking me closer to the end, you could see the determination in my face. Yes, I’ve come to finish what we started. As you stood there in silence with your family, I thought,  “How could you do this to me”. I could no longer hold back.  Afraid of what might come pass I raised my hand and shouted across the parking lot, “You forgot your to-go!”

– Anonymous Server


Drink well, eat better,

Tuckaway Tavern



3 responses to “Diary of a Tuckaway Server. “How could you do this to me””

  1. Gary says:

    Nice writing. You had me expecting the story to go one way. Then you dropped me. Very nice.

  2. Penny Gillander-Dame says:

    so cute….we are looking forward to visiting this awesome restaurant we just watched on Guy s Diner and Dives and Drive Ins…..we are planning a special trip……so awesome…..we love our beef!

  3. Ron & Vicky says:

    Traveled over 100 mIles for a burger. Would have traveled twice as far. Can see why the Tuckaway is busy everyday and the steakhouse onion soup well let’s just say “oh my”

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