Finally! Tuckaway’s Award Winning Steak Tip Recipe



Making the best Steak Tips in NH, New England, and quite possibly the country isn’t easy. Over the years we’ve had so many requests on how to make the marinade, how long to marinade, and the best way to cook them. If you follow the recipe below step by step I can guarantee your friends and family will be blown away. And you will be crowned the Steak Tip Hero of every cookout you go to.


Now some of the ingredients are hard to find. If you are unable to source all the items, and can’t make it to Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond NH, don’t freak out. We have a solution! Check out where you can have it shipped directly to your house ANYWHERE in the US. You can order our award winning tips, homemade sausages, custom burgers, hand cut steaks from our butchers, and all the great food from our deli that you can’t find anywhere else.


And now for the good stuff, drum roll please …



When making the marinade it’s important to mix thoroughly with a food processor or blender. We recommend massaging the tips first and loosening up with a bottle of Chianti. Let the steak tips sit for at least 12 hours so the marinade has time to work it’s magic. Good luck, and enjoy!



– ¼ Cup  mustard seeds

– ⅓ Cup paprika

– 2 Cups of sunshine from a breezy afternoon

– 3 Cups of olive oil

– 1 A-list action hero. My wife prefers Thor, but anyone will do

– 4 Tablespoons of Oregano

– 2 ½ Unicorns (dehorned to remove bitterness)

– 5 Tablespoons of white vinegar

– 1 Struggling ameteur comedian, because the recipe is no joke

– And a pinch of all things good on this earth

– Salt & Pepper to taste


Drink well, eat better,

Tuckaway Tavern


15 responses to “Finally! Tuckaway’s Award Winning Steak Tip Recipe”

  1. Unicorns are my favorite!!!

  2. Debi says:

    Awesome! Thank you….one question…where does one find a unicorn? From everything I have read, Noah didn’t bring them on the boat.
    Oh well, just have to make the trip to you guys for my tips!

    • Bobby Marcotte says:

      We get random deliveries of unicorns throughout the year. One must be waiting at the end of the rainbow is what we hear but we are yet to catch one to verify.

  3. Rani says:

    Is the Chianti for rubbing the tips or for drinking while you prepare them or both?

  4. Is this for real? In other words, taking out the jokes in between….this will work? ❤️❤️❤️ Your Tuckin Tips!!

  5. Barbara DiPietro says:

    Now if you could make it easier to buy a gift card on your website, we’d be all set! It’s always multiple phone calls, and then waiting for a call back. thanks!

  6. Sabrina says:

    I prefer to use Superman, where can I find the best unicorns around?

  7. Marie Fotos says:

    Never ever give away a great recipe. The secret is yours to keep. I live far enough away that I can’t make the trip too often but my daughter has asked me to return several times. She loves your steak tips and your chicken, best ever. Please open up down south real soon, can’t wait. Hope you found a spot, there are plenty on rt1. You will be a success in this area.

  8. Jojo the Maine Nurse says:

    Why don’t we just use the rub you provide???
    🙂 #yourMainegirl

  9. Mark Connors says:

    Sunshine and Unicorns can be found in abundance on Bringing Derry Together if anyone has a hard time finding them….. 😉

  10. Janice Hull says:

    Although I’d like the marinade recipe, I really want the corn recipe I had several times this summer. It was awesome.

  11. Randy says:

    Don’t throw away the horns from the unicorns. They’ve been used since the Dark Ages to cure the Plague and other afflictions.


  12. Donna says:

    Came from western canada and butchershop was about to close. Got in and was i ever treated to some awesome NH hospitality. Also had supper and was very impressed with whole meal. Heading back to western canada next week and will definitely stop in. Want to get into the butcher shop to pick up more items. Going to tell friends who may be heading to USA to make tbe trip to NH. Sooo worth it.

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